The European laboratory of decision-making is part of a group of professionals, consultants and business leaders:”Alliance MC2R”.

The laboratory was founded in 1989 with the goal of establishing solid theoretical bases for management practices, for practices in accompanying humanitarian organisations, for practices in social integration, and for practices of citizenship in political parties.

Over the years of helping many people, of training managers and their partners, we have acquired the conviction that the longevity of a business or an organisation depends on the ability to resolve tensions, conflicts and crises.

Our methods are based on 3 essential factors: correctly determining the type of conflict at hand, rapidity and the quality with which conflicts can be resolved.

Our work is based on relevant research in the field of conflict management and decision-making:

The laboratory is primarily comprised of research consultants who have been trained in the social sciences fields. They include physicists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, psychologists, sociologists, political analysts. By the interaction of their experiences and their knowledge, we can propose several hypotheses of conflict resolution according to the actors and situation at hand.

Current members of the laboratory include:


(Photo not yet available) Thierry COMON



Xavier NADAL

(Photo not yet available) Helène MICHIT



Olivier GILLES