Every day we are confronted with difficulties, choices, and problems which deal with the dynamics of human functioning.
We often appeal to experts when confronted with such problems. Most often no new information is gained from these exchanges. Each party clamps down on their version of the events, causes and opts for solutions that favour their certainties, faiths, stereotypes or assessment of the situation. This leads to dissatisfaction for the decision-makers and discouragement for all those involved.

These failures are generally explained by the impossibility of mastering the human character which is eminently unpredictable.

Whatever is unpredictable and unknown disturbs and frightens.

The unique approach that the European Laboratory of Decision-making offers is based on the belief that human behaviour is all but unpredictable. Everybody follows a certain logic when acting, which it is possible to describe, to define, to understand, to anticipate and to manage.

The fact we can describe these aspects of an individual, and define the nature of interpersonal relationships defies the notions of unpredictability and their consequences in professional affairs. It is thus always possible to decide on a strategy and determine a line of action. The complexity is limited to an analysis of the risks involved in determining and setting up the necessary line of action.


1. The person seeking our assistance always remains in control. They will guide the consultant in revealing their strengths and weaknesses and the skills that they need to further develop or strengthen.

2. When providing advice and assistance in decision-making, the person is always our guiding reference and is always the first to get the knowledge, even before us.